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EpiCypher® works with leaders in the field to deliver innovative solutions that meet scientists’ most challenging research needs. We have pioneered the development of modified designer nucleosomes (dNucs) and are applying these physiological substrates to develop next-generation biochemical and epigenomics technologies. As your research partner, we will provide cutting-edge tools and services for epigenetics and chromatin biology research. How can we help you Bring Epigenetics to Life?

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Featured Technologies

EpiCypher is dedicated to creating novel platforms that support innovative chromatin research.
We are constantly expanding our product lines to provide the latest in quantitative chromatin technology.


Robust, high-resolution chromatin profiling,
at a fraction of the time andcost
of ChIP-seq

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EpiDyne® Chromatin Remodeling Assays

Direct quantification of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzyme activity on a defined nucleosome substrate

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Accurate ChIP-seq antibody validation and data normalization using DNA-barcoded nucleosome spike-ins

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SNAP-ChIP® spike-ins

SNAP-ChIP® spike-ins use modified DNA-barcoded Designer Nucleosomes (dNucs™) carrying disease-relevant histone PTMs as quantitative controls and for antibody validation, enabling unprecedented control of ChIP experiments.

Modified Designer Nucleosomes (dNucs™)

EpiCypher dNucs™ are semi-synthetic recombinant nucleosomes, containing one (or more) histone PTMs. Nucleosomes are the natural target of chromatin readers and modifying enzymes, and thus provide a superior substrate for epigenetic enzymes and interactor proteins

dCypher® Nucleosome Panels

dCypher® Nucleosome Panels provide unprecedented access to epigenetic diversity in a physiologically relevant nucleosome context

Recombinant Nucleosomes (rNucs)

Recombinant Nucleosomes (rNucs) are human recombinant nucleosomes comprised of histone proteins made in E. coli wrapped with fully synthetic Widom 601 DNA. As the nucleosome is the true physiologic substrate for many histone modifying enzyme, these are excellent substrates for enzyme screening assays.

EpiDyne® Chromatin Remodeling Substrates

Chromatin remodeling has been implicated in diverse diseases, including most types of cancer. The study of chromatin remodeling requires highly defined nucleosomal substrates, which are challenging to produce and adapt to various assays

Other Nucleosomes 

- Oncogenic Nucleosomes (oncoNucs)
- Variant Nucleosomes (vNucs)
- Methyl DNA Designer Nucleosomes
- Purified Nucleosomes (HeLa, Avian)
- Nucleosome Components & Subunits


CUTANA™ reagents, kits, and assay services map histone PTMs and chromatin interacting proteins with high resolution, at a fraction of the time and cost of standard ChIP-seq experiments.

Cell Extracts

Nuclear extracts can be a rich source of chromatin-associated proteins, including transcription factors, chromatin modifying enzymes, and regulatory complexes.

Histone Expression Vectors

EpiCypher offers mammalian vectors encoding wild-type histone H3.3, as well as the oncogenic H3.3K9M and H3.3K27M. These histones can be used to screen binders or inhibitors that are sensitive to common histone mutations.


Coming in Q2 2020! Contact us to get put on our waiting list.

SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies

Poor specificity of histone PTM antibodies is a widespread problem in epigenetics research. EpiCypher SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies have been extensively validated using SNAP-ChIP spike-in technology, delivering PTM antibodies with the highest specificity and IP efficiency on the market.

Lysine Methylation Antibodies

EpiCypher offers a wide range of antibodies to help study lysine methylation, especially with regards to histone post-translational modifications (PTMs). Many of these are EpiCypher SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies, which have been extensively validated using SNAP-ChIP spike-in technology.

Histone and Histone Modification Antibodies

EpiCypher offers a wide range of anti-nucleosome antibodies for various chromatin assays, targeting specific histone post-translational modifications, such as arginine methylation, and unmodified histones.

Recombinant Proteins

- EpiDyne® Chromatin Remodeling Enzymes
- Recombinant Histones
- Histone Binding Domains
- Modifying Enzymes

Arginine Methylation Antibodies

EpiCypher offers a wide range of antibodies to help study arginine methylation, including those specific for the enzymes that catalyze the modifications.

Histone Pepties and Arrays

- Histone Peptide Arrays
- H2A Peptides
- H2B Peptides
- H3 Peptides
- H4 Peptides

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SNAP-ChIP® Antibody Validation

SNAP-ChIP® antibody validation services identify high-performance ChIP antibodies with superior specificity and enrichment, all within the context of a ChIP experiment. 

EpiDyne® Chromatin Remodeling 

EpiDyne® enables direct detection of chromatin remodeling activity, and is ideal for HTS and inhibitor profiling. EpiDyne services accelerate assay development and generate robust results.

dCypher® Assay Services 

dCypher® assay services rapidly interrogate chromatin reader binding against a collection of modified histone peptides or nucleosomes, revealing novel mechanisms in chromatin biology.

Custom Nucleosome Development Services

Nucleosomes are the preferred target of chromatin interacting proteins, and are optimal substrates for epigenetics research. To address this need, EpiCypher provides custom nucleosome development.