EpiCypher 2020

Biological & Clinical Frontiers in Epigenetics

This exciting 5-day conference at the oceanfront luxury all-inclusive Paradisus Playa del Carmen Resort will highlight recent breakthroughs in epigenetics research.  Reserve your spot today. Payment not necessary at this time.

November 8-13, 2020     |    Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Keynote Speakers

Kristian Helin, Ph.D.

Dr. Helin’s laboratory studies the function of epigenetics and chromatin structure in diverse cellular processes, and how changes to these pathways influence the development of human diseases.

The Helin lab has made seminal contributions to our understanding of chromatin associated proteins and modifying complexes in transcription, cellular differentiation, and development. The overarching goal of his work is to leverage chromatin biology to reveal novel targets for therapeutic development.

Steven Henikoff, Ph.D.

Dr. Henikoff’s laboratory is focused on understanding the role of chromatin architecture in regulating gene expression. His work has provided fundamental insight toward the complex mechanisms underlying epigenetic processes, and how chromatin interacts with various proteins to control transcription.

As part of this work, Dr. Henikoff has also developed multiple high-impact chromatin profiling and genomics tools, many of which have become an invaluable resource in molecular biology.

Confirmed Speakers

Scott Armstrong
Sung Hee Baek

Emily Bernstein
Brad Bernstein
Peter Brown
Xiaodong Cheng

Laure Escoubet
Ben Garcia
Ernesto Guccione
Nada Jabado

Steve Jacobsen
Jian Jin
Peter Jones
Cigall Kadoch
Neil Kelleher
Bob Kingston
Ryan Kruger
Tatiana Kutateladze
Haitao Li

Hiten Madhani
Karen Maegley

Ari Melnick
Danesh Moazed
Catherine Musselman
Bing Ren
Stephane Richard
Roland Schuele
Yang Shi
Jikui Song

Marc Timmers
Patrick Trojer

Jessica Tyler
Ben Tu
Paul Wade
Greg Wang
John Whetstine
Bing Zhu
Jerry Workman

Many talks will be chosen from submitted abstracts, and will include both student and post-doc speakers.

Organizers: Mark Bedford, Or Gozani, Brian Strahl

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Paradisus Playa del Carmen Resort

November 8-13, 2020
Playa del Carmen, Mexico


All the food, drinks, entertainment, and Epigenetics you can handle. 

Adult Only or Family Friendly Hotel Options

Whether you're looking for some adult only R&R or you want to bring the entire family, Paradisus Playa del Carmen has two resort hotels connected to the conference area where we will be holding Epi2020. 


Ocean front, multiple pools, fine-dining restaurants, Resort Spa, 24-7 Fitness.

To see more photos or 360 degrees views of Meliá Playa del Carmen, feel free to take a tour
EpiCpyher 2020

We’re proud to host our 3rd Epigenetics Conference.  Like our past meetings, our goal is to have an enjoyable, interactive and casual academic environment to discuss the latest findings in the field.

About EpiCypher
A pioneer in the field of epigenetics and chromatin biology, EpiCypher is a biotechnology company developing transformative technologies to advance chromatin science and improve human health.