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SNAP-ChIP® Spike-In Controls are the new gold standard for ChIP histone PTM antibody validation.

SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies are lot tested and rigorously validated using EpiCypher's proprietary SNAP-ChIP® Spike-In Controls, ensuring reliable performance when it counts, in your ChIP experiment.

SNAP-ChIP® Spike-In Controls use a pool of DNA-barcoded recombinant nucleosomes spiked directly into a ChIP experiment to assess antibody specificity and efficiency.

EpiCypher has screened over 300 antibodies using SNAP-ChIP® Spike-Ins to identify best-in-class antibodies that are truly 'ChIP-grade'. We offer:

Why use SNAP-ChIP® Spike-Ins to validate antibody performance?
Antibody specificity and efficiency is essential in ChIP studies, yet many commercially available histone PTM 'ChIP-grade' antibodies exhibit major performance problems. EpiCypher and others have reported that many commercially available 'ChIP-grade' antibodies exhibit unacceptable cross-reactivity issues with related marks. Check out our video summarizing our systematic evaluation of H3K4 methyl antibodies published in Molecular Cell.

Using SNAP-ChIP® Spike-In Controls, we've found that:

  • Commonly used histone PTM peptide arrays do not predict antibody performance in ChIP.

  • Even highly cited antibodies cross-react with related marks leading to incorrect biological interpretations.

  • Antibody specificity can vary significantly between production lots.

We found that popular antibodies were cross-reactive and therefore unfit for ChIP experiments. We continue to evaluate antibodies for other marks. Contact us for more information or to test your own antibody!
What makes an antibody 'SNAP-ChIP® Certified'?

SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies are tested for specificity (i.e. cross-reactivity; left y-axis) and enrichment (i.e. recovery, efficiency; right y-axis). SNAP-ChIP certified antibodies exhibit less than 20% cross-reactivity to related PTMs (blue bars) and recover at least 5% of the input target PTM (green bar). Antibodies that fail to meet these criteria (see "fail" graph) are not suitable for ChIP-seq and should be used with extreme caution as they may lead to incorrect biological interpretations.

SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies are available to order now

Lysine Methylation

  • H3K4me3
  • H3K27me3
  • H3K36me3
  • and more!
Lysine Acylation

  • H3K9ac
  • H3K27ac
  • H4K12ac
  • and more!
Oncogenic Mutations

  • H3.3K9M
  • H3.3G34V
  • H3.3K36M
  • and more!

Want to test your own antibody?

SNAP-ChIP technology is available for you to use in your own lab! SNAP-ChIP® Spike-In Panels contain a collection of DNA-barcoded recombinant nucleosomes with unique PTMs. This allows users to test antibody specificity for their target of interest relative to possible cross-reactive species and to include a defined control in every ChIP experiment. EpiCypher also offers custom antibody validation services against our entire SNAP-ChIP collection. 

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EpiCypher manufactures and sells a series of products and assay platforms that use recombinant “designer” nucleosomes (dNucs), including SNAP-ChIP® for quantitative ChIP applications, EpiDyne® for nucleosome remodeling assays, dCypher® to interrogate epigenetic regulators, recombinant histone binding proteins and enzymes, peptides and antibodies; and a broad range of custom substrate / assay development services.

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